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| by McKissack, Patricia C.

To win first prize in the dance contest, Mirandy tries to capture the wind for her partner.

| by Drescher, Henrick

Mo thinks his dinner is lizard guts and worms when it is really string beans and cheese souffle. He decides to become a monster and eat around it. Mo eats everything in sight including his parents and the world. When Mo becomes lonely he decides to spit out all that he ate so he can have his parents and friends back.

| by Hutchins, Pat

Two dolls work together to build various things. They build a house, a boat, and a train out of wooden blocks. (A Wordless Book)

| by Murphy, Shirley Rousseau

Resshie is a child of the wind. She is a talented weaver and is known across the country, and beyond. However, she's not happy. All she wants is a husband to keep her company. She meets the men in the villages, she even tries weaving one, but she is still not happy. Then a stranger comes who is everything she's dreamed. Through her wonderful weaving, they can spend forever together.

| by Flora, James

The mayor of the village asks Pepito's father to prepare a huge fireworks display for the village celebration. A display is prepared, but Pepito's father is hurt so Pepito must set the display off. He does and becomes the hero of the village.

| by Seuss, Dr.

Morris McGurk dreams about running a circus and goes through all the acts that would be in his circus. In the end, he makes the man who's property the circus would be on the star of the show.

| by Guarnieri, Paolo

Dreams really do come true for Giotto, a young shepard boy, who is mindless of his chores and duties because of his strong passion and talent for painting. Although he loses a sheep, Giotto's curiosity and persistence lead him to find someone who can unlock the door to his artistic future.

| by Noble, Trinka Hakes

A horrible snowstorm takes down a family's apple tree. Katrina misses her favorite climbing tree where she used to draw. For Christmas, her father makes her a drawing table out of the branches of the apple tree.

| by Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds

Michael slips and gives away the secret of what his father's Christmas gift is. He is very upset with himself, so he decides to surprise the whole family with a small but important present.

| by Lester, Helen

Tacky the penguin always seems to be getting himself in trouble. This time, while he is surfing, he lands on a tropical island. An elephant named Rocky is envious of Tacky's pretty flowered shirt. He almost doesn't get home because Rocky wants him to decorate his table. Thanks to Tacky's quick thinking, he leaves the island safely.

| by Bourne, Mariam Anne

A little girl wants to modernize her home by having a telephone. Her only problem is that she has to convince her father that it is not an invention that will soon be gone.

| by Pomerantz, Charlotte

Posy is a little girl who is in the tooth-loosing stage. She names each tooth according to what she eats when she looses it. She gets a dime for each tooth and two dimes for the animal cracker tooth.

| by Pinkwater, Daniel

Mr. Plumbean and all of his neighbors are comfortable with their ordinary street. When faced with a change, Mr. Plumbean uses this time as a way to be original, no matter what others think.

| by Joyce, William

George wakes up one day to find he has shrunk. He spends the day trying to complete the tasks his parents have left for him to do.

| by Klein, Norma

Marina, a little girl, loves to play pretend with her best friend Adam. They pretent what they will be when they grow up. Adam tells Maria that she cannot have a career like a doctor because girls can only he nurses. Adam is always telling her that girls cannot do certain things but Marina always proves she can.

| by Nelson, Brenda

Max sees that all of his friends are selling something. He wants to sell something too, so he comes up with the idea of selling mud. It is a big success.

| by Hill, Elizabeth Starr

Evan needs a place of his own so he fixes up a corner in his house with pictures, furniture, and pet turtles!When Evan is done with his corner, he decides to help his siblings fix up their corners!

| by Steig, William

When Pete is in a bad mood, his dad makes him into a pizza. As each ingredient is assembled, Pete becomes more and more cheerful until he is laughing and running out the door to play football with his friends.

| by Turkle, Brinton

Two children, Rachel and Obadia, want to earn money. They are able to earn money by sending the news of ship arrivals to Nantucket.

| by Freeman, Don

Ty learns about tides and fishing from his old friend, the Pelican. Ty loses a boot in the tide, but catches a fish in his boot. However, he loses that boot, too. He gives his fish to the hungry pelican and the pelican gives Ty the lost boot.
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