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| by Albee, Sarah

From 10 to 1, it's Oreo counting fun. Practice counting down from 10 to 1 with the help of Oreo cookies. Oh, some friends have come along to help. Turn the page and find out how many Oreos are left.

| by Pallotta, Jerry

Unwrap a Hershey's milk chocolate bar and read along as chocolate pieces become math fractions. Learn about parts of a whole, numerators, denominators, and fractions. Take a trip to count more fractions on the farm. Visit the chocolate factory and the cacao trees where cocoa pods grow.

| by Ross, Tony

Amusing pop-up illustrations correspond to the rhyming song This Old Man.

| by Kantz, Robin M.

The counting song This Old Man is fun to learn. Let's learn how to count, sing music, and act out different parts of the song.

| by Cuyler, Margery

When her teacher tells the class that everyone must bring in collections of 100 for the 100th day of school, Jessica begins to worry. What will she bring in?Her family finally helps her come up with a special collection.

| by Hoberman, Mary Ann

Oliver Tolliver lives alone in his one little house that has just one of everything. He thinks he is happy until he discovers that having more to share with friends is even better!

| by Smith, Maggie

A family recalls its summer vacation to Maine through number. From packing one baby to backing sixteen blueberry pies to catching twenty fireflies the trip is remembered.

| by Guettier, Benedicte

A devoted father works hard to take care of his ten children day and night. He decides to get away and sail around the world, until he realizes something is missing and returns home.

| by Slater, Teddy

Dogs are lovable companions and always want to be at your side. Rhyming poetry portrays a day in the life of dogs and their owners. Smooch your pooch and hug him anywhere. To make your dog happy, you must keep him busy.

| by Sis, Peter

Mary and her mom walk down the street and wave for a taxi. Two bicyclists think Mary and her mom wave to them, so they wave back. Next three boys wave at the bikers and so on.

| by Baker, Keith

Seven fun ducks find many creative ways to count to seven as they play.

| by Harshman, Marc

Sometimes groups of things are called something very different. What can you count?

| by Fleming, Denise

Colorful animals teach counting from one to ten and then by tens to fifty. Suggested activities are mentioned along with the numbers.

| by Cranstoun, Margaret

Learn numbers one through ten by listening to this rhyming pattern.

| by Anno, Mitsumasa

Children discover numbers while playing a game. Children learn to relate abstract symbols to real objects.

| by Hoban, Tana

Tana Hoban introduces the numbers one to one hundred. Each page shows the number, its correct spelling, dots, and a photograph.

| by Stobbs, Joanna//Stobbs, William

Learn to count numbers one to twenty with bright pictures that correspond to each number.

| by Ernst, Lisa Campbell

Four boys and five girls come in two cars to the park to play and have a picnic lunch. They bring along six balls, seven boats, and eight baskets.

| by Greenfield, Eloise

Two African American children explore numbers on a rainy day. The children play in the rain, counting all the things they see.

| by Elkin, Benjamin

Six brothers venture on a fishing trip to a river. After catching fish from their different spots, the brothers count each other to make sure everyone is OK. When a little boy helps them figure out their mistake, all is well.
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