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| by Martin, Bill Jr.//Archambault, J

A brother and sister go to get milk, but they must first pass a scary tree. On the way home, they think they see a ghost.

| by Polacco, Patricia

A little girl is bored with reading. Her grandpa takes her on a chase which leads to a honey tree. The whole town goes with them and enjoys the honey with biscuits and tea. Grandpa uses the chase to teach his granddaughter that adventure, wisdom and knowledge must be pursued and can be found in books just as easily.

| by Bunting, Eve

Nina and her brother go with the family to Luke's forest to decorate a Christmas tree. They sing songs, drink hot chocolate, and decorate the tree all night long.

| by Obligado, Lilian

Pierre is worried that his father might sell Melody, his cow. Melody can no longer give milk and Pierre's father has no need for her. Pierre decides to do all he can for Melody so she will produce milk. He feeds her the best food, and she turns into a very special cow.

| by Martin, Charles E.

A bunch of children on an island decide to work for the summer. They sell painted rocks, have a flea market, lemonade stand, dog-sit, and take people across the river. They earn enough money to go to the fair and have a wonderful time together.

| by Schwartz, Amy//Hale, Lucretia

A lady puts salt in her coffee one morning by mistake and did not know what to do. Her family calls a chemist and an herb lady. They both were unsuccessful. At last, a wise lady from Boston suggests making a fresh cup.

| by Scarry, Richard

Huckle and Lowly are learning all sorts of fun things. First, they visit the doctor and learn about x-rays. Then they learn about making bread. Finally, they practice safety outside playing in the sun and while walking to the grocery store.

| by Napoli, Donna Jo

Each day Albert reaches out the window to check on the weather for his walk. One day when he reaches his hand out the window, two cardinals build a nest. Now Albert must stand there until the eggs hatch. Days pass and Albert longs to be outside. When the family of birds fly away, Albert walks a lot.

| by Caseley, Judith

Sarah helps to choose, to plant, and to water plants in her grandpa's garden. After a while, her grandparents invite her for lunch made with ingredients from the garden.

| by Hogrogian, Nonny

One day, a fox is very thirsty and comes upon some milk in a jug. The fox drinks up all of the milk. An angry old woman cuts off his tail. In order to get his tail sewn back on, the fox must complete several missions.

| by Walton, Marilyn J.

Karen goes to Gwendolyn's house for a tea party. They tell stories, drink tea, and eat whoppers.

| by Carrick, Donald

This is a behind-the-scene story about milk. It all starts with the cows, and they must be well fed. After they eat, the cows are hooked up to the milking machine. When they have been milked, the milk truck comes to take away the milk to clean it and make it ready to drink.

| by Locker, Thomas

Rip Van Winkle drinks the brew of Henry Hudson and sleeps for twenty years. When he awakens, his own daughter does not recognize him.

| by Kline, Suzy

A little girl has many accidents throughout a day. But other people have accidents too!

| by Merriam, Eve

There are many kinds of holes. There are holes for seeds which grow plants for food. There are holes for drinking and eating our food. There are holes for windows that allow us to see. Holes are also used out at sea. Without holes where would we be?

| by Guthrie, Donna

Nobiah is an African American boy who is very generous. One day he fetches water for his mother, but by the time he gets home, his water is all gone. His generosity pays off when his friends build him a well in return.

| by Hacks, Peter

A bear goes to a party disguised as a hunter and participates in some senseless drinking. All those at the party decide to go bear hunting.

| by Vigna, Judith

This is a story about a boy name Paul and how his older sister, Tina, begins to take drugs to deal with the pressure when their family moves. Tina ends up getting arrested and has to go to a drug hospital. Paul learns how bad drugs are and realizes that Tina's friends were not true friends by giving her drugs.

| by Koller, Jackie French

When one monkey too many jumps on a bike, trouble is right around the corner. Only two monkeys on the golf cart at once!Add three more monkeys and disaster strikes. These monkeys need help at a restaurant, going to bed, and illustrating this book!

| by Gibbons, Gail

In preparation for the dairy cows to make milk they must eat a lot of grass and drink water. The cows are then milked twice a day. The milk is then taken to the dairy where it is prepared for people to buy it in stores.
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