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| by Shannon, George

Join in and guess the product that will be made tomorrow from the clue given today. For example, A is for seed, tomorrow's apple.

| by Aylesworth, Jim

Using the Pennsylvania Dutch culture as a backdrop, this book uses a rhyme to teach the alphabet. For example, the letter E is represented by the rhyme Eggs are found under the fat red hens.

| by Jefferds, Vincent

All of the Disney characters in this book explain the ABCs through rhythm and fun.

| by Tudor, Tasha

A young girl discovers her grandmother's old doll named Annabelle. As the young girl plays with Annabelle, she sees all the things the doll has in alphabetical order, from her cloak, dresses and earings to her slippers, umbrella, and veil.

| by Agard, J.

This ABC book shares Caribbean vocabulary in a rhyming fashion. Each page is rich with foods such as okra, roti, sugarcane and yams.

| by Demi.

Can you find an animal for each letter of the alphabet?Each page is very colorful, eye-catching, and exciting.

| by Heller, Nicholas

Twenty-six ogres live under the trap door. When you open it, you can see them feasting on foods from A-Z!Do not let them hear your tummy rumble or the ogres will disappear!

| by Brown, Margaret Wise

Letters help to describe the different events that happen at night around bedtime.

| by Balian, Judy

An ugly witch finds a secret recipe for beauty, but she must figure out the secret code. She cracks the code and discovers all she really needed was a smile!

| by Lobel, Anita

Friends find, draw, pick and create flowers for their friends. All of the flowers follow the alphabet as do the friends names.

| by Fisher, Leonard Everett

This book introduces the letters of the alphabet by displaying paintings of pictures that start with each letter.

| by Johnson, Crockett

A little boy named Harold decides he wants to take us through the ABCs. He uses everyday events, materials, and ideas to take us from A to Z.

| by Merriam, Eve

This alphabet book depicts different animals in habitats which correspond to each letter.

| by McPhail, David

An alphabet book with an animal illustrations that correspond to each letter.

| by Piatti, Celestino

In this alphabet book, there is an animal and a rhyming text that corresponds with each letter.

| by Grossett, Dunlap

This alphabet book encourages the reader to find the animal that's first letter corresponds with the letter in the book.

| by Wildsmith, Brian

Animals are shown for each letter of the alphabet.

| by Seuss, Dr.

This book teaches each letter of the alphabet and how to use them to begin reading. Each letter has it's own story rhyme.

| by Kitchen, Bert

Each letter is represented by an animal whose name starts with that letter.

| by Seuss, Dr.

The Cat in the Hat returns to visit Salley and her brother's house while their mother is gone. The children shovel the sidewalk, causing mischief and a big mess. Then, the Cat in the Hat brings out his helpers, Cats A-Z, to help clean up.
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