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Zalben, Breskin Jane
Beni is so excited because he's finally old enough to really understand his Jewish heritage and the traditions of his faith. In his quest for understanding, he encounters a number of situations, from learning the beauty of togetherness after reconciling with his feuding cousin, Max, to recreating the Pukim in a play with his friends and cousins. Through all of this, Beni truly begins to see the magical feeling of togetherness and heritage that his religion encompasses.

Zolotow, C.
A little girl begins to learn about months, seasons, and holidays. When she wakes up, it's a different season or holiday. On the last day, it is her birthday. She wishes for it to all happen again.

Zolotow, C.
An entire family wakes up one November morning with the feeling that something exciting is going to happen. They are all thrilled when they open the front door to find the first snow of the year.