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| by Hughes, Shirley

Lucy and Tom have a busy day of shopping and celebrating their grandmother's birthday. During these events, they create their own game of counting various objects.

| by Madrigan, Antonio Hernandez

Erandi has thick, long, beautiful hair that her mother braids each morning. One day while making dinner with her mother, Erandi hears voices from the street offering money for the women's hair. Mama' explains that the hair buyers would pay well for Erandi's braids. That day they go fishing and mama' discovers that they need a new fishing net badly but they do not have money for one. The next day is Erandi's birthday and Erandi picks out a new dress for her present. On the way home mama' and Erandi stop at the barber shop where Erandi allows the barber to cut her hair so her mama' can afford a…

| by Henkes, Kevin

Young Bo spends the summer with his grandfather in the country and has a wonderful time. They walk, fish, and make things together. They celebrate Christmas together -- a very special summer Christmas!

| by Brindel, June Rochuy

A small boy, Luap, goes through a day in his school and town. He sees things differently than most people. For example, he sees people walking on their hands and riding their bicycles backwards. Through this, Luap learns a valuable lesson.

| by Hacks, Peter

A bear goes to a party disguised as a hunter and participates in some senseless drinking. All those at the party decide to go bear hunting.

| by Shearer, John

When Sneaker has his sneakers stolen, he turns to his friends for help. They solve the case when the misspelled word sneeker links them to the thief.

| by Parish, Peggy

Amelia Bedelia fills in for a sick boy on a baseball team. She has never played baseball, so the team tries to teach her. She cannot seem to play any position correctly.

| by Simmonds, Posy

Lu Lu is an impatient little girl who wants to play outside, but because her baby brother is cold, they end up in a museum. Her imagination takes over and she has a great time.

| by Pearson, Susan

Kelly enjoys all the seasons, because she and her family do many things together.

| by Conford, Ellen

Geraldine is an oppossum who likes to hang by her tail and juggle acorns. Her parents tell her that she should do something more worthwhile, so she takes dancing, weaving, and sculpture lessons. She discovers that she is not very good at these things, so she opens her own juggling school.

| by Udry, Janice May

We can appreciate and enjoy a tree in many ways. People can play in trees whereas animals use trees for food and shelter. Would you like to learn how to plant a tree?

| by Van Woerkom, Dorothy

Becky's father and brother go hunting for some food while she stays at home with Granny. Becky wishes she was old enough to go hunting and be brave. When Granny has to leave, Becky is left behind to finish some chores and is chased by a large bear.

| by Thorne, Jenny

An uncle decides to take up climbing until he is bothered by wild animals. He then tries fishing instead and he likes it.

| by Young, E.

A cat finds himself up in a tree and won't come down. After supper passes, the cat gradually climbs down to safety.

| by Wishinsky, Frieda

Henry, the baker, creates magnificent cakes. No two cakes are alike and his customers love the beautiful decorations. Henry's friend Ben visits Henry and watches him work each day after school. When the bakery is bought by new owners, Henry loses his job. Henry is sad when he can no longer decorate cakes, but only until Ben helps his friend find a new outlet for his creativity.

| by Anderson, Lena

Stina spends every summer with her grandfather. They do many things together. They fish, collect shells, and find seagull feathers. This summer they watch a storm together.

| by Himmelman, John

Ellen loves to draw. One day she notices a goldfish watching her. They become friends and she draws pictures for the fish. When the fish is about to be caught, she uses a clever idea to set him free from the bait.

| by Duvoisin, Roger

Mr. Bobbin goes hunting, but is unable to kill the animals. Instead, he admires them. Then when Mr. Bobbin is too old to hunt, the animals go to visit him.

| by Fisher, Aileen

A little girl walks through the wilderness looking at animals and seeing how they live.

| by Flack, Marjorie

A mouse loses his home so he searches to find a new one. When he finds a new home, he makes furniture to lie on. He only leaves to go swimming or teach school.
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