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| by Spagnoli, Cathy

A newly married couple is separated when the husband is called to war. An evil tree spirit sees how sad the man is and decides to take his place. The spirit takes the form of the man and lives with his wife. The man returns from the war to find the spirit.

| by Tafuri, Nancy

This picture book shows a rabbit's day and his travels through the countryside where he sees other animals.

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| by Ward, Helen

Just like Aesop's original folktale, the hare and the tortoise are going to race. The quick but lazy hare takes his speed for granted when he challenges the tortoise. However, when the hare becomes too confident, the tortoise creeps past him to win the race.

| by Maiden, Cecil

Baby rabbit wants to jump a bushel of apples like her sister but can't until she gets the courage to stand up to a huge purple monster. She then has the confidence to jump the apples.

| by Delton, Judy

Duck hates winter because he thinks that it is too cold and long. Rabbit and Squirrel try to cheer him up and show him that winter can be fun, but nothing works. After a while, Rabbit and Squirrel begin not to like winter. Then all of a sudden, Duck likes winter.

| by Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth

On the first day of winter, Lucy and Miss Mamie decide to bring a little spring into the house by planting a paperwhite bulb in a big glass jar. The winter days grow longer and lighter while Lucy and Miss Mamie keep themselves busy by making cookies, playing the piano, and stringing beads. Meanwhile, the bulb grows and grows into a bunch of sweet, white flowers. Lucy and Miss Mamie have created spring!

| by Brown, Margaret Wise

In a big green room, a little bunny is tucked away in bed. He says goodnight to all of the familiar things in his room before falling to sleep. Finally, he says good night to the noises everywhere and drifts off to sleep.

| by Aardema, Verna

Rabbit and his friends have crossed lion by eating his honey. Lion chases Rabbit two days in a row, but does not catch him. Both times Rabbit outsmarts him. However, Rabbit learns his lesson to stop stealing Lion's honey.

| by Wild, Margaret

Ellie's grandmother doesn't remember very much anymore. For example, she forgets where her keys are, and she needs to pay the electric bill. She does remember one thing though -- Ellie growing up. Ellie and Grandma celebrate with a picnic in the park.

| by Ernst, Lisa Campbell

Mr. Grubbs is tired of Miss Penny winning first prize for her vegetables. This year will be different though. This year, Mr. Grubbs plans on sabotoging Miss Penny's garden with hungry rabbits. So instead of winning first prize for her vegetables, she wins first prize for her rabbits.

| by Loomis, Christine

Little rabbits acting as cowboys spend their day playing, eating, swimming, and having fun. When they grow tired, their parents put them to bed.

| by Potter, Beatrix

Peter is a little rabbit who does not listen when his mother tells him to stay away from Mr. McGregor's garden. He goes to the garden and eats some vegetables until Mr. McGregor sees him and tries to catch him. Peter finally finds his way out, but then spends the evening in bed.

| by Wahl, Jan

A young boy named Fritz spends a summer at his grandparents' farm. Fritz finds some exciting new playmates too. See how he spends his adventurous summer.

| by Murrow, Lisa Ketchum

A child takes his stuffed bunny on a trip. The bunny becomes lost, so the child makes friends with a new bunny.

| by Potter, Beatrix

Illustrations from Beatrix Potter's stories form the basis for this alphabet story of letters.

| by Potter, Beatrix

Benjamin and Peter Rabbit have an adventure trying to reclaim Peter's clothes from a scarecrow. They are trapped by a cat and punished by Mr. Bunny, but manage to bring some onions home to Mrs. Rabbit.

| by Delton, Judy

Rabbit decides to hire someone to help with the garden, cooking and cleaning. Even though Rabbit has hired help, he ends up doing all the work because the help is not doing the work quite right. The help decides to leave and Rabbit sees that he can do the work by himself.

| by Potter, Beatrix

A fierce bad rabbit learns a lesson after bullying the good rabbit.

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| by Wormell, Christopher

Blue Rabbit, Bear, Goose, and Dog all go looking for new places to live because each of them are unhappy with where they currently live. They help each other find new places to live.

| by Glovach, Linda

How would you like to make disguises?These disguises are for any occasion.
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