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| by Martin, Ann

Olivia's new neighbor, Rachel, is in her kindergarten class. They must overcome feelings of jealousy and competitiveness to be friends.

| by Henkes, Kevin

Annie is bored waiting for her father to come home so her mother suggests a stroll around the block. On her walk, she meets and interacts with several neighbors. When she returns, Annie's father is waiting for her!

| by Keats, Ezra Jack

Sam searches for the blind harmonica player in his apartment complex. They eventually get acquainted and take a walk together through the neighborhood.

| by Kahl, Virginia

A Good Wife makes only one perfect pancake for each person in town until one day a beggar comes along and tricks her into cooking enough until everyone was satisfied.

| by Drescher, Henrick

Mo thinks his dinner is lizard guts and worms when it is really string beans and cheese souffle. He decides to become a monster and eat around it. Mo eats everything in sight including his parents and the world. When Mo becomes lonely he decides to spit out all that he ate so he can have his parents and friends back.

| by Ryan, Pam Munoz

Families can be made up of one to one hundred people joined by heritage, community, friendship, and love, all working together for a better life.

| by Cowen-Fletcher, Jane

Young Yemi's responsibility is to look after her brother, Kokou, while at the market with her mother. Yemi quickly loses sight of her brother, but Kokou is safe with the neighbors in the community. Yemi learns that It takes a village to raise a family.

| by Nixon, Joan Lowery

It's almost Halloween, and Susan needs a new costume. Mrs. Foshee is an older woman who watches Susan and her two brothers one night. Susan and Mike think that she is a witch, and they cleverly try to solve the mystery.

| by Smalls, Hector

An independent girl named Irene lives in Harlem, New York in 1957 She and her friends experience a wonderful day in a community full of life and love.

| by Blos, Joan W.

When Henry moves into the old, run down house in the neighborhood, all of the neighbors hope he will fix it up and make it look nice like the other homes. When he doesn't, they petition to make him clean up or get out. It is only after he leaves voluntarily that they discover how much they miss him.

| by Hughes, Shirley

Sam and Barney build a snow lady that resembles their elderly neighbor, mean Mrs. Dean. Sam decides that it would only be polite to invite lonely Mrs. Dean to Christmas dinner.

| by Stevenson, James

The worst person dislikes Christmas, but has a change of heart due to the kindness of his neighbors.

| by Cooper, Susan

Danny realizes the giving, magical nature of Christmas. Danny's family is poor and cannot afford a Christmas tree this year. Danny's only wish is for a tree. With help from a friendly stranger and a school play, Danny gets his wish.

| by Marshall, James

Buddy McGee eagerly awaits a promised Christmas visit from his friend, a thing from outer space. In the end, Buddy is satisfied, but Grannie's neighbors are not!

| by Johnson, Angela

There are many emotions that involve moving. It is hard saying goodbye to old friends and finally leaving your old home.

| by Levine, Arthur A.

Pearl Moscowite has seen many changes on Gingko Street, but cutting down the last gingko tree was too much. Pearl decides that the last tree is going to stay so she takes action to ensure that the electric company will not cut it down.

| by Pinkwater, Daniel

Mr. Plumbean and all of his neighbors are comfortable with their ordinary street. When faced with a change, Mr. Plumbean uses this time as a way to be original, no matter what others think.

| by Couture, Susan Arkin

Betsy and Ben are blocks who save all their junk. Then one day, it comes in handy when their neighbor's house burns down. They build a new one for their friend out of junk.

| by Dooley, Norah

Carrie's mom sends her out looking for her little brother at dinner time. While she is looking, she stops at many of her neighbors' houses and tries their cultural dinners made with rice

| by Davis, Aubrey

A farmer plants a potato eye to grow a potato. It grows so enormous that the whole family has to work together to pull the potato from the ground. They then cook the potato for the whole town to eat it.
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