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| by Leedy, Loreen

The Edible Pyramid restaurant opens as the maitre d' explains the food pyramid menu to the customers. The maitre d' discusses which foods are included in each group. He also discusses how many servings from each group should be eaten everyday.

| by Ross, Tony

Amusing pop-up illustrations correspond to the rhyming song This Old Man.

| by Van Laan, Nancy

A new baby learns how to count to ten. With each experience, the baby and her parents sing in Creole. Come along to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Haitian culture.

| by Sis, Peter

Mary and her mother visit the beach. They see numbers, opposites, letters, and shapes. There are many fun things to do at the beach.

| by Sis, Peter

Matt has a love for fire trucks, enough to want to be one. He dreams of becoming a fire truck, and does everything a fire truck does before he gets back to the reality of being a little boy.

| by Cuyler, Margery

When her teacher tells the class that everyone must bring in collections of 100 for the 100th day of school, Jessica begins to worry. What will she bring in?Her family finally helps her come up with a special collection.

| by Hoberman, Mary Ann

Oliver Tolliver lives alone in his one little house that has just one of everything. He thinks he is happy until he discovers that having more to share with friends is even better!

| by Hoban, Lillian

Arthur wants to earn enough money to buy a t-shirt and matching cap so he decides, with the help of his sister, to have a bike wash. He must use his math skills to figure out when he has reached his goal. However, he must first decide how to overcome a few obstacles.

| by Fleming, Denise

Children love to shout and show what they know, so let them do both! A mouse demonstrates to children how to identify numbers, letters, animals and modes of transportation.

| by Mathis, Sharon B.

Michael greatly admires his great-great Aunt Dew. He likes to sit with her while she sleeps or sings her long song. She dances with him and helps him count her hundred pennies in a special box. When Michael's mother attempts to take the special box and other belongings of Aunt Drew, Michael takes a stand and defends his aging Aunt.

| by Guettier, Benedicte

A devoted father works hard to take care of his ten children day and night. He decides to get away and sail around the world, until he realizes something is missing and returns home.

| by Bond, R.

A young girl from India plants a cherry seed with her grandfather. They observe the tree as it grows through the seasons and eventually it grows quite large. The tree serves as a constant reminder of the girl's grandfather.

| by Williams, Jenny

Counting to 20 can be fun!Nine children go on a Sunday picnic and 10 bear-buddies eat in the sun. Later on in this book, 19 children run to the ice cream truck and eat a treat.

| by Slater, Teddy

Dogs are lovable companions and always want to be at your side. Rhyming poetry portrays a day in the life of dogs and their owners. Smooch your pooch and hug him anywhere. To make your dog happy, you must keep him busy.

| by Sis, Peter

Mary and her mom walk down the street and wave for a taxi. Two bicyclists think Mary and her mom wave to them, so they wave back. Next three boys wave at the bikers and so on.

| by Nikola-Lisa, W.

Wheels are used for lots of fun activities. Children ride their scooters, bikes, and skates. Faster and faster the children keep on rolling through the country and through the town. Going up hill. Going down.

| by Baker, Keith

Seven fun ducks find many creative ways to count to seven as they play.

| by Woodman, Nancy

The JASON Project is studies underwater life in Mexico. When Dusty finds out about this, she writes the scientists to ask if she can go along. During her adventures, Dusty learns all about deep sea plants and animals. It is the adventure of her life!

| by Harshman, Marc

Sometimes groups of things are called something very different. What can you count?

| by Fleming, Denise

Colorful animals teach counting from one to ten and then by tens to fifty. Suggested activities are mentioned along with the numbers.
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