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| by Wells, Rosemary

As Berty grows up, life on the farm is full of simplicity, hardwork, and tradition. Berty's older brother, Luke, has aspirations of traveling to see the world. This makes life a little more complicated for Berty so he wishes upon an evening star.

| by Hughes, Shirley

A young girl likes to talk. She chats with everyone. She even describes her experiences watching other people chatting.

| by Lish, Ted

Things start to smell in this family's new house when their trash cans fill up with garbage. Will someone take out the trash?No one will take on this responsibility. By the end of the fifth week, trash fills up the yard around the house. It looks like it's going to take a lot of teamwork and cleaning to get their house back to normal.

| by Bunting, Eve

A family has a beautiful tree in their yard which becomes poisoned and dies. The young daughter plants her acorns in hopes of a new tree growing someday.

| by Simon, Norma

A little boy and his friend, Grace, dread Father's Day at school because neither child sees their father, but still has to make cards for them. The boy decides to make cards for his grandfather and neighbor.

| by Bishop, Gavin

Mrs. McGinty does enjoy life very much and the neighborhood kids tease and bother her. One day, she buys a new plant which mysteriously grows every night. She becomes famous and makes friends. Eventually someone buys the plant, but another seedling is left in the garden.

| by Lloyd, David

Gammer Gurton's servant loses her needle while sewing Gammer's pants. One of Gammer's friends accuses the neighbor of stealing the needle. After duking it out with the neighbor, Gammer realizes his friend is lying and insists on his punishment.

| by Gretz, Susanna

Roger is left in charge of his little brother Nelson. Their neighbor, Flo, decides to take care of both of the boys. In the end, the two brothers trick her into getting in trouble.

| by Bedard, Michael

A little girl's family moves to a new house. Across the street lives a woman called the Myth because she does not leave her home. The little girl and her mom are invited over to play piano. The little girl shares a secret with the Myth who turns out to be Emily Dickenson.

| by Tsutsui, Yoriko

Anna moves to a new house close to the mountains. After a couple of days she feels lonely and misses all of her friends. Anna keeps hearing noises at the front door and finds flowers, a letter, and a paper doll. One day Anna opens the door in enough time to meet a girl her age and they become friends.

| by Schlein, Miriam

Steven tries to discover what Mr. Pelgrew does for a living. He has a fascination with guessing his neighbor's occupation. Mr. Pelgrew is a police officer.

| by Hurd, Edith Thacher

When Black Dog doesn't come home, his family searches the nearby woods and calls their neighbors looking for him. That night, each of the family members dreams about Black Dog. The next morning they realize it was Black Dogs way of saying good-bye to them as he died.

| by Burton, Virginia Lee

Katy is a steam shovel, which is a bull dozer and a snow plow combined. One winter the town has a big storm. It is all up to Katy to clear the roads so that people can be rescued.

| by Adler, David A.

A little rabbit is hungry, but his mom does not have any food in their cupboards. So, little rabbit and his mom go to a neighbor to get some food. In return for the food, they must do many favors.

| by Burningham, John

Mr. Grumpy allows all the neighborhood children and animals to go fishing with him, as long as they obey him. No one listens to Mr. Grumpy and the boat tips over. Mr. Grumpy laughs and invites everyone home for hot tea.

| by Hughes, Shirley

The Patterson's house is too small for them, but they cannot afford a larger home. Mr. Patterson decides to build an extension onto the house himself. When the concrete lorry delivers the concrete before it was expected, the neighborhood joins together to build the room.

| by Swope, Sam

A neighborhood is controlled by a mean man and woman who will not let anything fun happen. Soon the Araboolies move in and everything changes.

| by Bodecker, N.M.

A beetle finds a home in a community of insects and small woodland creatures and makes many friends. One day the discarded remnants of a human's picnic makes a mess of their mushroom house neighborhood. Through a series of town meetings, the creatures come up with creative ways to use the rubbish to make a park.

| by Stewart, Sarah

Lydia takes a train to go live with her Uncle Jim who doesn't smile. Lydia uses flowers and plants to bring joy to everyone. She writes home to her mother, father, and grandmother to describe to new experiences.

| by Burningham, John

Mr. Grumpy decides to take a ride in his car. The neighborhood children and animals want to go with him. They all crowd into his car and go for a ride.
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