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| by Ness, Evaline

A girl learns the difference between real and make-believe through trouble caused by her own pretending.

| by Smith, Lucia B.

Sarah has a five year old brother who is mentally challenged. She has trouble coping with him, but loves him very much.

| by Ellentuck, Shan

A man walks and does everything upside down. At a birthday party, he gets other people to walk the same way.

| by Komaiko, Leah

Earl is a boy who does all of these really cool things. The young boy admires Earl but eventually realizes that they are both cool and Earl is just a regular guy.

| by Valens, Evans

Topple, the long-finned herring, learns that his difference is actually a blessing. He learns from another long-finned herring that he can fly, and in turn his seemingly unlucky fins save his life.

| by McPhail, David

Two sisters enjoy many different things, and they also enjoy many similar things. The most important thing they share is their love for each other.

| by Hoberman, MaryAnn

Mr. and Mrs. Peters have seven lovely children but they are all very picky eaters. Each child wants his or her particular food at every meal. Soon they discover a food that all the children will eat - Mrs. Peter's birthday cake made from a combination of everyone's favorite foods!

| by Cole, Babette

Nobody's parents like one child's mom who is a witch. Then one day she puts out a fire and everyone learns to appreciate her.

| by Newman, Leslea

Heather has two mommies. Heather learns that there are many different types of families and that having two lesbian moms does not make her different from any other children in her class.

| by Wanous, Suzanne

Sara looks at the problem of people not understanding differences in an honest and straight forward way.

| by Gerstein, Mordicai

A description of times of a day and possible activities that people do during those times.

| by Jackson, Isaac

Jerome becomes good friends with Robert, a new boy at school. On the night that Jerome sleeps over at Robert's house, Robert shares a pair of his pajamas. Jerome learns that it's okay if people do things a little differently.

| by Peet, Bill

Pamela is fed up with everyone calling her dumb, so she escapes from the circus. That night she finds a break in the train tracks, and she saves a train. Now everyone loves her.

| by Montresor, Beni

There are many different kinds of houses in different places with different people living in them. They can be made with many different materials, but be careful, because you never know what might happen to your house!

| by Seuss, Dr.

Each day, we can all be in different moods. But did you ever feel as if your mood was like a color?Find out what colors represent certain animals and different feelings in this bright story.

| by Hurd, Edith Thacher

Jenny visits her grandparents and has fun. Unlike Jenny's parents, her grandparents like noise and hopping around. She dances in her red pajamas while her grandparents dance.

| by Lobel, Arnold

A grasshopper travels down a long road and meets different insects and sees their homes. He meets beetles, a worm, butterflies, a housefly and some dragonflies.

| by Yolen, Jane

Jon loses his grandad and needs help showing his emotions. He doesn't know if he's reacting in the right way. Jon's family shows him that everyone reacts to the death of a loved one differently, and no reaction is right or wrong.

| by Kuskin, Karla

A city dog goes to the country and experiences the sun, trees, and fields. The city dog runs, barks, and realizes the differences between the city and country.
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