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| by Pauey, Peter

Counting is made fun through the drawings and rhyming words of a dragon's dream.

| by Murphy, Stuart J.

Time to wake up!Sammie the dog helps his friend get ready for school. How many minutes will it take to get ready for school?Help Sammie count the minutes it takes to get things done: eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, give hugs, and go off to school.

| by Reiss, John J

Numbers are everywhere!There are 6 birthday candles, 13 cakes, 14 bananas, 15 grapefruit and 19 radishes. Counting is fun if you do it with food.

| by Kredenser, Gail//Mack, Stanley

Let's build a band by counting!Has numbers written in words and has 10 different instruments. This will help you recognize number words and colors.

| by Pallotta, Jerry

Counting by fives is not always an easy task, but with the help of construction vehicles and Reese's Pieces candy, the task can be accomplished. First, count to ten by ones then to one hundred by fives. Hopefully a tasty snack will await you in the end.

| by Ryan, Pam Munoz

Families can be made up of one to one hundred people joined by heritage, community, friendship, and love, all working together for a better life.

| by McGuire, Richard

Fourteen oranges grow on a tree. Many different things happen to these oranges. Some become a snack, some are used in a juggling act, and others are made into juice.

| by Isadora, Rachel

Pop!The numbers 1-1,000,000 are counted through pop art, ranging from astronauts, fish, and gargolyes to animals, flowers, and food. Can you count 1,000 jellybeans and 1,000,000 stars?

| by Pomerantz, Charlotte

Posy is a little girl who is in the tooth-loosing stage. She names each tooth according to what she eats when she looses it. She gets a dime for each tooth and two dimes for the animal cracker tooth.

| by Berkes, Marianne

Count one through 10 while using rhymes to talk about different activities between mother fishes and their babies. Move to the rhythm of this ocean creatures poem!

| by Russo, Marisabina

It's Saturday morning, which means Celeste and her Mama make a trip to the market!As they walk through their urban neighborhood, Celeste and her Mama stop every few minutes. Mama always stops to talk, talk, talk with her friends. Will they ever make it to the market?

| by Hughes, Shirley

Lucy and Tom have a busy day of shopping and celebrating their grandmother's birthday. During these events, they create their own game of counting various objects.

| by Sis, Peter

Mary is on an elevator going up to her mother's birthday party. The elevator stops at each floor and someone gets on. By the time they reach the twelvth floor, all of Mary's new friends have gathered for the celebration.

| by Thornhill, Jan

Through the use of beautiful animals and wildlife, children learn how to count with numbers and words. The sequence is 1-20, 25, 50, 100, and 1000 Nature notes describe the animals in great deal at the end of the book.

| by Raffi

Five little ducks journey through life in this song. They go off on their own, and then come back with their own families.

| by Pomerantz, Charlotte

An owl and his grandmother go to a pond. The owl practices counting ducks and swans up to ten.

| by Boegehold, Lindley

One lonely bear sits by himself and has nothing to do. He is joined by another, and eventually is joined by eight more. They all participate in several fun activities together.

| by McGrath, Barbara Barbieri

Smell the hot dogs, hear the crowd, see the ball soar. Time for a baseball game!Count from 1-20 while having baseball fun.

| by Schwartz, David M.

Marvelosissimo the Mathematical Magician and the kids explore what the number million means. Just exactly how much is a million?If you wanted to count from one to one million, it would take about 23 days!Marvelosissimo looks at different ways of seeing big numbers in the context of ordinary things.

| by Bowen, Betsy

Starting in May, the winter countdown begins. Preparation activities are described using the numbers one through thirteen. For example, winter countdown includes five blueberries and six bags of rice.
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