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| by Schertle, Alice

Hetty has the chance to prove she is a big girl when her parents send her to Mr. Birdie's store to buy a dozen eggs. Hetty is very careful not to break the eggs until she reaches the apple tree.

| by Burstein, Fred

A little girl is on her way to ballet class with her father when they encounter various people and things through the city. Descriptive words about the city are written in three languages: Spanish, English, and Japanese.

| by Florian, Douglas

Two children and a guide walk along a nature trail and see a cottontail, a bluejay, a hidden lake, some pinecones, a bullfrog, plus some other things.

| by Fenton, Edward

A little boy takes a walk with his big yellow balloon. A cat follows him because he believes the balloon is the sun. Suddenly a dog follows the cat and a dogcatcher follows the dog. Soon there is a long parade of people and animals following one another. The balloon is finally broken, but the boy is given a hero badge to replace the balloon since the parade he created helped a policeman catch a thief.

| by Walters, M.

A child locates items alphabetically in a city and country as he takes a walk.

| by Williams, Jay

Getting what you want isn't always easy. This is the lesson that Petronella, once known as Peter, learns. Petronella battles off animals and people to get the man she loves. In doing so, she also realizes that the richest people aren't always the best people.

| by Oechsli, Kelly

A boy runs to school, participates in the day, and then walks home (A Wordless book).

| by McCully, Emily Arnold

Mirette learns to walk a tightrope from Bellini, the world famous tightrope walker, who has quit because of fear. Mirette encourages Bellini and they walk the high wire together.

| by Williams, Sue

A young child goes out for a walk. By the end of the story he is being followed by a cat, a horse, a cow, a duck, a pig, and a dog.

| by Blanchard, Arlene

A girl's feet make different sounds depending on what shoes she wears, how she moves, and where she is.

| by Waddell, Martin

A mother and daughter grow closer as they take a walk to the beach at night. This memorable experience will stay with them throughout their lives.

| by Ward, Nanda

Tom lives far away from school and wishes he had a friend with whom to walk from school. He feels he has friends calling out to him when he echoes his names from on top of Hermit Mountain. Little did he know that a Hermit lived on the mountain and was disturbed by his echoes. Tom's echoes eventually lead to a friendship between the two.

| by Wahl, Jan

A woman daydreams of her future as she walks to the market. Her daydream proves to be too much of a distraction for her own good.

| by Ellentuck, Shan

A man walks and does everything upside down. At a birthday party, he gets other people to walk the same way.

| by Skofield, James

A little boy takes a walk while it is raining and finds that everything in nature responds to the rain. When the rain goes away and the sun dries everything, nature is even more beautiful.

| by Mahy, Margaret

Mrs. DeVere and Mr. Derry are two lonely people who don't realize they should talk to one another. When they both get dogs, they walk right into each other!After that, they continue to walk but also take up ballroom dancing lessons, opera, and fishing.

| by dePaola, Tomie

Bobby loves to hear his grandfather tell the story of how he taught Bobby to walk. When his grandfather suffers from a stroke, Bobby teaches his grandfather how to walk.

| by Haycock, Kate

What is pasta?What is pasta made from?How does pasta effect the body?Explore the history of pasta and the various types of pasta through this story. Learn how to make and cook your own pasta from step-by-step instructions that are included.

| by McCully, Emily Arnold

Pip and Ski go on a camping trip with their Grandmas Nan and Sal who cannot agree on anything. The kids do not have any fun until they take a boat into the middle of the lake, and the Grandmas learned to compromise.

| by Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman

Dudley likes to walk, while Burton likes to sit and look outside. They both try doing what the other likes best and finds some enjoyment in other activities.
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