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| by Schertle, Alice

William goes to his grandpa's house where they enjoy singing, jumping on shadows, watching the stars and other things that grandpa enjoyed doing as a child.

| by Sis, Peter

Mary and her mom walk down the street and wave for a taxi. Two bicyclists think Mary and her mom wave to them, so they wave back. Next three boys wave at the bikers and so on.

| by Munsch, Robert//Kusugak, Michael

A little girl wants to go fishing in the icy cracks of the ocean but her parents tell her it is too dangerous. She promises that she will not go, but what happens when she breaks her promise?

| by Spier, Peter

Throughout a day, two children gaze up at the clouds and see many things that the clouds are forming.

| by Kindred, Wendy

Wilma sees her father only on Saturdays when they go to museums and parks. However, one Saturday, they are forced to just spend time being together and they enjoy this much better.

| by Levine, Evan

A grandmother and grandson go the beach together. The grandmother against her grandson's wishes, deems it necessary to bring just about everything -- just in case. Finally when they end up at the beach, they realize that they have everything except their bathing suits.

| by Schwartz, Amy

Rosie is the camper of the week and refuses to be a part of a prank. The other campers are caught and disciplined, and even though she did not do it, she admits to it to help her friends from being more severely punished.

| by Gosselin, Kim

Justin is scared to leave his parents for the first time to travel to camp. Asthma camp turns out to be a place he greatly enjoys. He learns about asthma and its effects on his body. By the end of the week Justin leaves camp but he can't wait until the following year to come back.

| by Hoff, Syd

Danny goes to a museum and meets a live dinosaur. They decide to play all around town together for the entire day. At the end of the day, they say goodbye and go to their separate homes.

| by Anderson, Lonzo//Adams, Adrienne

A boy wants to perform in front of the king at a festival. He first has to find a special talent. He tries to sing, juggle, and finally he comes up with something the king will love.

| by Brown, Marc

Arthur is having his first sleepover in a tent in his backyard. Arthur and his friends Buster and Brian plan to watch for spaceships and aliens during the night. Arthur's sister plays a trick on the boys, and they come up with a plan to get her back.

| by Maxner, Joyce

Nick the cricket plays the banjo every night. All of the critters come out to dance in the still evening.

| by Hurd, Edith Thacher

Jenny visits her grandparents and has fun. Unlike Jenny's parents, her grandparents like noise and hopping around. She dances in her red pajamas while her grandparents dance.

| by Fox, Paula

Ethan is told not to cross the street. While playing with the ball, it rolls across the street. Ethan must find a way to get the ball without crossing the street.

| by Rice, Eve

The Brimble family has many adventures together. Mr. Brimble buys so many new musical instruments that the family is forced to move out!

| by Isadora, Rachel

Joey loves to go to the movies. He and his sister go to see a pirate movie. He keeps the movies alive in his imagination.

| by Spier, Peter

While the boys are bored one day, they take apart many things around their house in order to build an airplane which really flies.

| by Burningham, John

Mr. Grumpy allows all the neighborhood children and animals to go fishing with him, as long as they obey him. No one listens to Mr. Grumpy and the boat tips over. Mr. Grumpy laughs and invites everyone home for hot tea.

| by Hughes, Shirley

After shopping with his mother, Alfie gets some boots. While splashing in puddles, Alfie discovers he has been wearing the boots on the wrong feet. After correcting the problem, he continues to play.

| by Stadler, John

Snail oversleeps and his football team may lose the game if he cannot get there in time.
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