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| by Munsch, Robert

Prince Ronald and Princess Elizabeth's castle is burned down by a dragon, who then steals the prince. Elizabeth chases after the dragon to free her prince.

| by Numeroff, Laura

A disguise can help you avoid doing things you don't like. Wear one to the dentist, when you have to take a bath, or when you get ready for school so no one will know it's you!

| by Kasza, Keiko

Mr. Wolf loves to eat, so when he sees a chicken he decides to make chicken stew. He feeds the chicken for several weeks to fatten her up. When it is time to make the stew, his plan backfires and instead he makes dinner for the chicken.

| by Ernst, Lisa Campbell

Mr. Grubbs is tired of Miss Penny winning first prize for her vegetables. This year will be different though. This year, Mr. Grubbs plans on sabotoging Miss Penny's garden with hungry rabbits. So instead of winning first prize for her vegetables, she wins first prize for her rabbits.

| by Galdone, Paul

When three little pigs leave home to seek their fortune, each builds a house made of various materials. A mean wolf blows down the houses of the first and second pigs, then eats them for dinner. The wolf is outsmarted by the third pig who cooks the wolf for dinner.

| by Walsh, Ellen Stoll

Ten mice were playing in a field until a hungry snake comes by to collect them into a jar to eat. The mice outsmart the snake by tipping the jar and getting free.

| by Lobel, Arnold

In these twenty different tales, a little line of advice is shared.

| by Seligmon, Dorothy Halle

The park where Alfred lives has horses for riding. One day, he goes to ride the horses and finds out he is afraid. He keeps this secret from his friends and makes up excuses for why he cannot go riding.

| by Prelutsky, Jack

The hynea prides himself on being the meanest animal who plays dirty tricks on the zebra, ostrich, elephant, and lion. The other animals try to take revenge on him, but he fools them and gets away.

| by Allen, Jeffrey

Mary Alice is a switchboard operator on whom everyone depends. She completes her job perfectly until one day, when Karen squirrel plays dangerous games with her.

| by Kepes, Juliet

Five mischievous monkeys are always playing tricks on the other animals in the jungle. After a trick is played on them, they change their ways and even manage to save their new friends from Terrible the Tiger.

| by Marshall, James

A combination of five short stories about the adventures of two hippos, George and Martha.

| by Lobel, Arnold

A mouse tricks a weasel into getting some ingredients he needs from other stories to make a delicious mouse soup.

| by Ernst, Lisa Campbell

Bluebell the cow is on her way to stardom because of her wonderful singing voice. Yet once she hits stardom, she becomes homesick. After tricking her nasty manager, Bluebell spends the rest of her days singing with the other cows.

| by Paul, Anthony

General MacTiger is the most magnificent animal in the forest, until he loses his stripes. His friend, the Python, stole them and now General MacTiger has to find a way to get them back.

| by Fleischman, Sid

Farmer McBroom is a successful farmer who has an evil neighbor, Heck Jones, who has tried to steal his farm several times. McBroom is tricked into betting his farm against his neighbor's farm in a race. McBroom overcomes the trickery to win the race and keep his farm.

| by Kellogg, Steven

Chicken Little thinks that the sky is falling so she tells all her friends. They are all tricked by the fox, and he captures them. In the end, the fox is captured and put in prison.

| by Potter, Beatrix

Miss Moppet's adventure chasing a mouse is disappointing. She must learn to stop teasing the mouse.

| by Soto, Gary

Chato, the coolest low-riding cat in East L.A., feels very fortunate when he learns a family of mice accepts his invitation to dinner. Chato and his best friend, Novio Boy, prepare an extravagant meal excluding the main dish. When the two cats open the door and see a surprise guest, they realize that their plan is ruined.

| by Kahl, Virginia

A white cat curiously roams one house after another and every house names the cat who visits. When a committee comes to town to make sure every household has a cat, the children change the cats to look different in order to fool the committee.
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