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| by Buscaglia, Leo

This book explains the process of life and death by utilizing a tree leaf. Each season is depicted and shows how the leaf grows and eventually dies.

| by Brown, Margaret Wise//Charlip, Remy

A group of young children find a dead bird. They decide to bury the bird. They take the bird to the woods to give it a proper burial. The children mourned, sang, and planted flowers around the dead bird's grave. The children came back to visit the grave, until they forgot.

| by Burningham, John

Grandpa and his granddaughter do everything together. Then as Grandpa gets older, he cannot do as much with her. Finally he dies.

| by Caseley, Judith

Benny's grandpa visits after his grandma dies. They tell stories, play games, and talk. One day grandpa cries and Benny learns that it is okay to cry.

| by Coerr, Eleanor

A small girl named Faith had a very special friendship with her goose Josefina. Faith is part of a pioneer family moving West. Throughout their journey, Faith makes a patch to represent each event she encounters, including the death of Jusetina. At the end, the quilt tells the story of the friendship between the goose and the little girl.

| by Carlstrom, Nancy White

A young girl, Sara, has an elderly woman as her best friend. They spend much time together. One day the old woman dies and Sara is very sad. She remembers the good things about her best friend and still feels her love.

| by Goble, Paul

A grandmother takes a spritual journey of death while her family copes with their loss.

| by Fassler, Joan

David's grandfather dies. David learns how to deal with the grief by knowing his grandfather went to a better place. This helps David feel better.

| by Miles, Miska

Annie's grandmother tells her that as soon as her weaving is finished, she will return to the the earth. Annie tries to find many ways to avoid the completion of the weaving; however, she realizes at the conclusion of the story that fate and life cycles are inevitable.

| by Yolen, Jane

A little boy tries to understand his feelings about his grandfather's death by asking adults how they feel. At the end, he realizes his feelings are his own and that his gradfather is still alive in him.

| by Daly, Niki

Sugar's grandpa, Papa Lucky, has always been a terrific dancer. Papa Lucky teaches Sugar how to dance. She becomes Papa Lucky's dancing shadow after grandma dies.

| by Cohen, Miriam

Jim's dog, Muffins, gets killed and when he goes to school, he won't talk to anyone. His friend, Paul, makes him laugh and realize that life goes on even after someone you love dies.

| by Warburg, Sandol Stoddard

Jamie has to deal with the death of a King. We see the healing process is long and slow, but healthy.

| by Leedy, Loreen

The life cycle of the sea turtle is described. It explains the turtle's instinct to dig holes in the sand and lay its eggs.

| by Yolen, Jane

Jon loses his grandad and needs help showing his emotions. He doesn't know if he's reacting in the right way. Jon's family shows him that everyone reacts to the death of a loved one differently, and no reaction is right or wrong.

| by Luenn, Nancy

Rosita and her grandmother are very close. Rosita's grandmother teaches Rosita how to braid, garden, and make tortillas. When Rosita's grandmother dies, Rosita feels a great loss without her around and misses her terribly. Her family tells Rosita that she can make a gift to give to her grandmother on the Day of the Dead. Rosita braids a cord that is filled with love and memories for her grandmother.

| by Johnston, Tony

After her father dies, Farethee Well, is left with a huge herd of longhorns on a big Texas farm to find a husband to help her run it. She must determine whether or not he is a real cowboy by his sensitivity while riding a horse with a blackeyed pea under the saddle.

| by Hurd, Edith Thacher

When Black Dog doesn't come home, his family searches the nearby woods and calls their neighbors looking for him. That night, each of the family members dreams about Black Dog. The next morning they realize it was Black Dogs way of saying good-bye to them as he died.

| by Wolf, Winfried

After the death of his father, Thomas is not looking forward to Christmas. Christmas at his grandfather's house in the country changes that when Thomas receives a special gift.
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