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| by Fleming, Denise

Each season brings changes to the pond including a variety of animals.

| by Kline, Suzy

A little girl's day is filled with being told SHH! by every adult she sees. At first she is discouraged, but she solves her problem by going outside and making as much noise as she possible can.

| by Pearson, Susan

Kelly enjoys all the seasons, because she and her family do many things together.

| by Burningham, John

The four seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter, are described by what they look like and things we associate with them.

| by Lionni, Leo

Twin mice, Willie and Winnie, befriend Woody, the talking tree. They visit her every month and witness the changes the different seasons bring to their friend.

| by Bowen, Betsy

Starting in May, the winter countdown begins. Preparation activities are described using the numbers one through thirteen. For example, winter countdown includes five blueberries and six bags of rice.

| by Rockwell, Anne

A little girl goes with her parents to a farm where they pick apples and choose the best pumpkin for carving. At home, the family prepares for Halloween by carving the jack-o-lantern, dressing up, and going trick-or-treating.

| by Mitchell, Barbara//Sandford, John

An Amish family goes away for a day to buy clothes and food. They return home to eat dinner, then take their animals to the barn.

| by Hendershot, Judith

Papa is a coal miner who works at night and Mamma works at home. They are hard working people who live near the Block Diamond Mine. They go through each season and recall a special memory.

| by Helldorfer, M.C.

Let's enjoy the frosts of autumn, the snow of winter, the renewal of spring, and the warmth of summer. What do we all look forward to during each season of the year?

| by Domanska, Janina

A little dog explores the four seasons. Each season is described with different adjectives.

| by Tresselt, Alvin

Johnny Maple-Leaf begins his life as a small brown bud. As time passes and the seasons change, he grows and develops into a mature leaf. Throughout his life, he encounters many animals. The other leaves help to keep him company, whether in the trees or on the ground.

| by Rylant, Cynthia

Together, Henry and his dog, Mudge, watch the leaves turn colors, listen to Halloween stories and eat Thanksgiving dinner.

| by Lionni, Leo

While the other mice are gathering corn, nuts, wheat and straw for the winter, Frederick gathers sun rays, colors and words. The other mice think he is lazy, but during the long winter days his words warm the other mice.

| by Lester, Alison

A young girl explains what goes on at her farm during each season. She longs for a pony and gets a wonderful surprise at Christmas.

| by Lesser, Carolyn

For each month, an animal is featured at the farm with an explanation of why it is wonderful to be there.

| by Tiller, Ruth

For this young girl, a trip to grandmother's house is an adventure. There are all kinds of things for her to explore--a kitchen, bedrooms, parlors, and a dark cellar. It is the perfect place for a child's imagination to grow.

| by Van Leeuwen, Jean

A young boy and his family leave England with many other people to search for a new life in a new land. They dream of finding a place where they can worship God in their own way. During their journey, everyone endures many hardships, but they find what they are looking for.

| by Manushkin, Fran

Baby rabbit and his big sister go trick-or-treating. In the beginning baby rabbit is afraid of all the costumes, but in the end, he proved that he was brave.

| by Fleming, Denise

An educational book with a little bit of everything from nursery rhymes to counting plus colors, fruits, seasons, alphabet, and animals.
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