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| by Crews, Nina

Each morning the children awake and anxiously look outside to see if it has snowed. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday go by and there's still no sign of snow!Friday is the children's last hope for a day of fun in the snow.

| by Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth

On the first day of winter, Lucy and Miss Mamie decide to bring a little spring into the house by planting a paperwhite bulb in a big glass jar. The winter days grow longer and lighter while Lucy and Miss Mamie keep themselves busy by making cookies, playing the piano, and stringing beads. Meanwhile, the bulb grows and grows into a bunch of sweet, white flowers. Lucy and Miss Mamie have created spring!

| by Ets, Marie Hall

A little girl goes on a walk and encounters many animals. When she tries to catch them, they run away. Once she sits quietly, all the animals come to play with her.

| by Polacco, Patricia

Patricia has waited ten years to learn to ride a horse. Her father takes her to a stable where she will spend most of her summer learning to ride with Mrs. Mack who knows all about horses. Patricia meets the horse of her dreams named Penny and works hard all summer so that she can ride her. Patricia's summer is complete!

| by Locker, Thomas

A man buys a mare for his stallion. However, the mare is afraid of people. With a little love, the mare finally learns to love the ones who take care of her.

| by Fisher, Aileen

A boy spends many days trying to be-friend a rabbit. His sister has pets, and he wants one too. He settles with watching the rabbit's babies grow up.

| by Akass, Susan

Eight of Delushka's nine eggs have hatched. The ninth duckling is scared to come out and needs his mother's help. After he emerges from his shell, he lags behind his siblings due to his fears. All of the farm animals encourage him until he can catch up and join his family.

| by Stolz, Mary

Emmett is very fond of pigs and dreams of having one of his own. Unfortunately, he lives in the city.

| by Aardema, Verna

Ki-pat lives in Kapiti Plain where he watches over his herd of cattle. Ki-pat is worried because Kapiti Plain is having a drought, and his cattle and grass need water. A large cloud produces rain when Ki-pat shoots an arrow into it.

| by Hoff, Syd

Milton the moose wants to help pull Santa's sleigh. At first he is really clumsy and he wants to quit. Santa assures him that he can do it. It takes him several tries to learn how to do everything right, but he ends up doing so well, Santa asks him back for the next year.

| by Segal, Lore

Mrs. Lovewright felt lonely so she thought that a cat would make everything better. Instead, she was let down, because the cat was a loner and did not enjoy the company of others. Instead of friends, they became housemates.

| by Schuch, Steve

A young girl named Glashka has the gift of hearing whale songs in her dreams. Upon discovering thousands of trapped blue whales in a freezing channel, it is up to Glashka and her small community to save them.

| by Rylant, Cynthia

A scarecrow is more than just borrowed parts to make up a man. This scarecrow gets to see everything from vegetables growing to all the different animals that surround him. He sees how many of the simple things in life are the greatest.

| by Keller, Holly

Geraldine the pig is waiting for a big snow which was predicted on the radio. It finally comes while she is sleeping. When she wakes up she is happy and runs outside to go sled riding.

| by Gunthorp, Karen

Antonia has a big surprise for the picnic, but she needs her boat to get there, and it is filled with holes. Will she get there before it is too late.

| by Collington, Peter

Tibs, the cat, is tired of waiting for his family to feed him every morning, so he decides to start doing it himself!This encourages Tibs to embark on different adventures around town. Everyone thinks that Tibs is such a clever cat, but a turn of events makes Tibs he really that clever?

| by Kidd, Ronald

Grandpa always say that it take two things to make dreams come true: faith and a hammer. After Grandma passes away, Grandpa sets aside his hammer and nearly loses his faith. His granddaughter tries everything she can think of to bring back his faith but nothing seems to work. One day, Grandpa visits a Habitat for Humanity worksite with a neighbor and realizes that he can made dreams come true for others.

| by McCaughrean, Geraldine

A family tries to recuperate after a war in which they lose their father and their home. The children meet and help an old man take care of a sickly cherry tree. As the tree grows and begins to blossom, so does the village and its people.

| by Simmons, Jane

As Aunt Buttercup sits atop her eggs, Daisy awaits the arrival of new cousins and a brother or sister. Soon the eggs begin to hatch, all but the one Daisy has been watching. When Mama gives up hope, Daisy helps hatch the late egg!

| by Steen, Patti

No one will hug Elliot Dravitz, because he is a porcupine. He wants a hug more than anything and he tries really hard to get one. Finally he finds another porcupine who will hug him and he is happy.
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