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| by Jonas, Ann

The adventures of a child on the beach, in the woods, and various other places are described. When the book is turned upside down, the pictures make new pictures.

| by Benchley, Nathaniel

Small Wolf, a young Indian Boy, wants to become a man, so he goes off to the woods to hunt. While there, he finds white men who do not want to talk and they shoot at him. The tribe moves time and time again away from the white men, until there is no where else to move and their tribe dies out.

| by London, Jonathan

Gray wolf is restless because he lost his mate to a hunter. While wandering through the night, he meets a pack of wolves. From this pack of wolves, he finds a new mate with whom they start a new pack.

| by Issacs, Anne

When Tennessee is plagued by a huge bear, the men sign up to hunt it. Angelica Longnder, also known as Swamp Angel, shows up too. Swamp Angel, the female equivalent of Paul Bunyan, saves Tennessee from the bear to everyone's surprise.

| by Wirth, Victoria

A small seed falls into the woods. It grows into a beautiful tree and develops friendships with neighboring trees.

| by Barton, Byron

Several people trudge through the woods asking, Where's the bear? Finally, they find the bear but they run away from it.

| by Stevenson, James

A little witch, Emma, wants to be like the older witches, but is always excluded. One day, out of frustration, Emma gets together with the animals in the woods and makes a plan. The animals pretend to be under Emma's spell and all the other witches think she is a hero.

| by Wright, Jill

The Little Old Woman who lives in the woods has not gotten a good night's rest because every night her shoes get up and dance. She visits a very scary man, the Willy Nilly Man, to ask for his help.

| by Ray, Mary Lynn

When a young boy learns through nature his purpose in life, he has a hard time dealing with it. He has to overcome peoples' judgement on the career he chooses. But in the end he comes to se the true meaning of his work.

| by Ets, Marie Hall

A little boy goes for a walk in the forest. All the different animals he meets along the way follow him. His father finally tells the boy it is time he came home and the father promises he will be able to come back again.

| by Dunbar, Joyce

Sophie, a young girl, takes her toy rabbit into the woods - disobeying her mother. She accidentally leaves him in the woods where he is hurt. Then some other rabbits try to fix him up. When Sophie gets back, she tells him never to go to the woods again.

| by Wilder, Laura Ingalls

Laura and her family prepare for winter as they harvest the potatoes, carrots, peas, onions, beets, turnips, cabbages, peppers and pumpkins. They store the food inside and they have plenty to eat all winter.

| by Lowe, Steve

Selections from Thoreaus own words about a man who retreats into nature in a cabin and lives there to discover the joy of nature.

| by Marshall, Edward

Elsie Fay Johnson is a little girl who is fascinated with trolls and would like to meet one. After she hears her mother's story, she finds herself in the same situation and must use quick thinking to get free.

| by Thaler, Mike

Owly, a baby owl, asks his mother questions about the woods and she in turn helps him to discover the answers on his own.

| by Grifalconi, Ann

Osa is afraid of the dark, but learns that the dark is nothing to fear after visiting the wise woman in the woods.

| by Hershey, Kathleen

A little girl tells about her visit with her grandma. She wishes she too could live in the cotton mill town. She tells of all the things they do until it is time for her to return home. She enjoys picking berries and peaches, gardening and fishing.

| by Say, Allen

Luke and his father decide to hike to the lost lake. Luke's father used to go there when he was young. When they eventually find the lake, hundreds of people are there. They go off into the woods hoping to find another lake. In the morning they wake up to a dream come true.

| by Hurd, Edith Thacher

Joe decides to go hunting for a fox because he wants a pet. He catches one with the help of a lion. When Joe brings the fox home in a box, the fox isn't very happy. Joe returns him to the woods where the lion and the fox help him find an owl who will happily be his pet.

| by D'Aulaire, Ingri//D'Aulaire, Edgar

Four brothers and sisters are sent to the woods to get firewood and encounter a troll-bird. This causes a lot of trouble and they have to kill it which brings even more trouble!
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