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| by Flora, James

The mayor of the village asks Pepito's father to prepare a huge fireworks display for the village celebration. A display is prepared, but Pepito's father is hurt so Pepito must set the display off. He does and becomes the hero of the village.

| by Seuss, Dr.

Morris McGurk dreams about running a circus and goes through all the acts that would be in his circus. In the end, he makes the man who's property the circus would be on the star of the show.

| by Falwell, Cathryn

The antics of a circus clown includes magical appearances and word play. Bright colors bring magic to life.

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| by Handford, Thomas

Mei Li is celebrating New Year's Day with her family. But, she isn't allowed to the fair because she is a girl. She sneaks off to the fair and encounters many adventures.

| by Faulkner, Nancy

Pete wakes up on his eighth birthday excited to find out what presents he received. He receives a clown suit he had been hoping for. He goes to the circus to perform with his father who is also a clown. The ringmaster allows him, and he has the best act of all the clowns.

| by Vincent, Gabrielle

Celestine is bored, so Ernest dresses her up like a clown and takes her to the circus. Ernest used to work at the circus so they end up doing an act together and are loved by the audience.

| by Krensky, Stephen

Santa was not always the lovable gift giver we know him as today. He tried out many jobs starting when he was a young man including chimney sweep, postal worker, cook, zookeeper and circus performer before he found the job that was right for him. He only became the Santa we know and love after meeting the elves at the circus and going to their home where he suggested they work together to give gifts to people around the world on one special night a year.

| by Yaccarino, Dan

A lion is taken to star in the circus by a man walking through the jungle. The lion must perform in the circus ring and do other typical animal activities. He just wants to be the king of the jungle and wishes to be back home. His wish does come true.

| by Kalman, Maira

Through desriptive words and pictures, the various acts of a circus are described. For example, the tight rope is described with words actually on the rope.

| by Wiseman, B.

Boris takes Morris to the circus where he tries to be an acrobat, a high wire walker, and a lion tamer. In the end, he finds out that he is best at being a clown.

| by Fatio, Louise

The happy lion is unhappy because all of his friends have mates. His good friend, Francios, takes him to the circus one day and he falls in love with a beautiful lioness. One night, he sneaks out to meet her and takes her back to his cave at the zoo. After many protests, the zoo keeper and the lion trainer decide she can stay. The lion is happy once again.

| by Wildsmith, Brian

Vivid colors and movement across each page makes a reader feel like they are actually at a circus. Come see the different animals and people that perform in a circus!

| by Keller, Beverly

Fiona finds a stray dog with fleas. Although her parents will not let her keep the dog, she manages to keep one of its fleas. This leads her on a search to find a home for the flea - a flea circus.

| by Goennel, Heidi

The circus is a great place to be!People and animals perform various tricks that the children wait each year to see.

| by Reeves, Katherine

Henry and his dog, Laura, live and travel with the circus. When a problem occurs with their newest member, a giraffe, Henry has to do some critical thinking to solve the problem. Henry becomes friends with the cloud eater in the process.

| by Ernst, Lisa Campbell

Ginger, a circus dog, has been living with clowns, acrobats, and aerialists all her life. She eventually learns tricks and gets to perform. The only thing she really wants is a family. The death defying jump that Ginger performs lands her in the arms of her new owner.

| by Lent, Blair

Pistachio, a green cow, can ride a bicycle, walk the tightrope, and dance. Her owner, Waldo, hopes to join a circus but the circus owner is not interested in cows until his tent his empty because everyone is watching Pistochio. Waldo and Pistachio are then allowed to join the circus.

| by Hoff, Syd

Barkley is a talented dog that does tricks for the circus. Soon, Barkley is too old and another dog takes his place. Barkley feels all alone and no longer useful. The circus owner calls Barkley back to teach the new dogs.

| by Modell, Frank

Marvin and Milton want to go to the circus but they do not have enough money. They decide to make a circus of their own and make cats the entertainment. They cannot train cats, but they devise a way to earn money.

| by Holl, Adelaide

The sweater Mrs. McGarrity makes is too big for any animal. So, they decide to use her sweater for a circus tent.
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