17 Chapters with vocabulary words organized by curriculum themes.

Table of Contents with Vocabulary Words

eBook Alignment to the National Health Education Standards

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Theme 1 Chapters 1-4: Oral Health Hygiene of Children

Learn how to set goals to have a healthy smile.

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Theme 2 Chapters 5-6: Oral Health & Nutrition of Children

Learn how to set food goals and make healthy decisions for strong teeth.

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Theme 3 Chapters 7-10: Oral Health & Beverages of Children

Learn how to make important beverage decisions for healthy teeth and gums.

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Theme 4 Chapters 11-13: Oral Health & Medicine Safety

Learn how to safely take medicine and to communicate with health professionals about oral health care.

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Theme 5 Chapters 14-17: Dental Check Ups for Young Boys and Girls

Learn how children and parents can communicate with dentists and other health care professionals about oral health.

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More eBook Materials: Bookmarks, Newsletters, Workbook, and Research

Learn the purpose and goals of our oral health literacy curriculum for use in dental clinics, school-based health clinics, and educational classrooms.

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