17 Chapters with vocabulary words organized by themes.

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Our eBook for Oral Health Literacy© is a free, online curriculum of picture stories showing children doing positive oral health habits with family, friends, and health professionals. Each photograph is supported by written and spoken scripts to promote self-efficacy and prosocial norms for oral hygiene, nutrition, and medication safety. Boost reading and talking about oral health in one-minute chapters while enhancing child-patient interactions at no cost to your clinic.

Teacher Parent Books for Oral Health Literacy


Bookmarks for Chapters 1 to 5

Bookmarks for Chapters 6 to 10

Bookmarks for Chapters 11 to 15

Bookmarks for Chapter 16 to 17

Bookmarks were produced by Marissa Moore to fulfill her KNH 402 Senior Capstone for her Public Health Major (with Dr. Valerie A. Ubbes)

Teacher Parent Newsletter for Oral Health Literacy

Newsletter Cover

Newsletter Week 1

Newsletter Week 2

Newsletter Week 3

Newsletter Week 4

Newsletters were written by Carly M. Kraska to fulfill her KNH 402-J senior capstone for her Pre-Dental Studies & Kinesiology Major (with Dr. Valerie A. Ubbes)