17 Chapters with vocabulary words organized by themes.

Table of Contents with Vocabulary Words

Oral Health & Medicine Safety

Coping with the Stress of Dental Pain

By Sage Kelner and Valerie Ubbes

Learn how to set a goal to cope with the stress of dental pain by always brushing, flossing, and scheduling a dental appointment for pain management.

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Communicating How to Take Medicine Safely with a Trusted Adult

By Valerie Ubbes and Payton Messner

Learn how to communicate with your words and actions how to take medicine given to you from trusted adults such as your dentist, doctor, and parents..

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Deciding to Follow Rules for Taking Medicine

By Valerie Ubbes & Sage Kelner

Learn how to make decisions to follow safety rules when taking medicine by first talking with your doctor, dentist, trusted adults, and other health professionals.

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